The Vision

Originally inspired by our classic car restoration project and by business related experiences, MECHANICLONDON also tells our stories of finding love a little later in life and of learning to not let age, background, money, copycats or anything (or anyone) else stop us from believing in our dreams and living a joyful life.

We, that’s a (London-based) motor mechanic and his wife, and MECHANICLONDON is our storytelling self as we put it.

The mission

MECHANICLONDON’s mission is to plant seeds of kindness and to light the fire of positive belief and inside-out happiness in everyone, simply by sharing our stories of transformational moments and lessons learned, and by reinforcing them with inspirational quotes, encouraging affirmations, and uplifting and interesting photos … mostly of cars and cats :)

The vision

MECHANICLONDON’s vision is to contribute to a world, where everyone feels encouraged and empowered to create a happy and fulfilling career and life – regardless of age, upbringing or anything or anyone else – and where the nuts and bolts of success are made of kindness, gratitude and positive belief, in self and others.

Please help us make the MECHANICLONDON vision a reality by spreading THE MECHANICLONDON WAY and force of positive inspiration on Facebook and Instagram.

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