The Vision

Originally inspired by our classic car restoration project and by business related experiences, MECHANICLONDON also tells our stories of career change, finding love a little later in life, and of learning to not let age, background, money, copycats or anything (or anyone) else stop us from believing in our dreams and living a joyful life.

We, that’s a (London-based) motor mechanic and his pen-holding wife, and MECHANICLONDON is our storytelling and words of wisdom sharing self as we put it, on a mission to inspire happy and empowered thoughts and ways…

… so that
you, too, may feel unstoppable in going after your dreams and so that you, too, may recognise your own power – and ways – to make them happen
… and because

we dream of a world where everyone feels encouraged and empowered to get into the driver’s seat of their own life – regardless of age, finances, upbringing or anything or anyone else – and of a world where the nuts and bolts of success are made of kindness, gratitude and positive belief.

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