Welcome to MechanicLondon and ‘The MechanicLondon Way’

Challenging, steep, thrilling and rewarding all at the same time!

The learning-curves of restoring a well rotten classic car into KATYthe name given to our now inside out beaming Volvo P1800 – and transforming our car servicing and repair business from ordinary to unique and special, have taught us so many valuable lessons about success, health and happiness.

We felt encouraged to pass these eye-openers on…

Especially, and even more so, as today many of them help us navigate and overcome the potholes along life’s road outside of the workshop as well. Yep, a bit like yoga, where the strength you build on the mat really becomes a lifeline for day-to-day life off the mat.

And this is how our mechaniclondon website address evolved from a marketing tool to our storytelling and words of wisdom sharing self as we put it.

We, that’s a London-based mechanic and his wife, and we’d be delighted to have you join MECHANICLONDON and THE MECHANICLONDON WAY, which is…

… all about following your dreams, discovering your own power to make them happen, and about happy ways to create happy days!

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