The Words

Words become thoughts and shape attitudes and beliefs. And thoughts, attitudes and beliefs become actions.

Therefore, if we want to change our world and our lives for the better, we can all start by choosing better words.

mechaniclondon inspirational quotes

At the MECHANICLONDON headquarter we’ve no doubt that paying attention to our words and learning from the powerful words of the world’s most successful and influential thought leaders, peace makers and visionaries, has transformed both, our businesses and our lives.

That’s why our mission is to tell those stories of learning and transformation, and to share those most inspiring, uplifting and empowering words, which have shaped and continue to shape our journeys for the better. Bringing us inspiration, joy, fulfilment, health and success every day and in every way.

At this moment in time we’re spreading the MECHANICLONDON words mainly on Facebook and Instagram, and we’d be delighted to have you join us there and help us make the MECHANICLONDON vision of a world full of kind, happy, confident, fulfilled, grateful, positive, smiling, strong, successful and empowered human beings a reality!

And by the way, there is no such thing as too many inspirational quotes … or cat photos. More of that another time!

mechaniclondon inspirational quotes