Thinking of importing a car from Europe? We can help!

As it was with this classic Citroën 2CV beauty from France, we helped the owners not just make it technically fit for UK roads and legislation. We also spared them from having to go through a number of formalities with HMRC and Customs and the DVLA.


Mechaniclondon - Importing 2CV

Making the French import fit for UK roads

Amongst others, this included

  • Sourcing and fitting a new miles per hour based speedo cluster dial (rather than kilometres per hour)
  • Buying and putting on a period fog light
  • Changing the head lights from a left hand to a right hand drive
  • Carrying out any other work required to getting it MOT-ed

Taking care of the paperwork

Not just often loaded with too technical questions for the average car owner, the forms are often long and in old (not so user-friendly) formats. To save our customer the headaches, we handled all the paperwork required to import their classic car, such as

  • Reporting the arrival to HMRC and Customs; so as to confirm whether any VAT or duty is due – which in the case of a classic car there isn’t
  • Registering the car with DVLA; so as to start paying the UK road tax
  • Last but not least, we got the new (UK) number plates – for which we were chuffed to have sourced a brand new 1978 built period style number plate!

All that was left to do for our customer, was to insure the car, and by now she is fully integrated into UK life … but in her heart she will always be French, of course :)

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Do you understand car health?

We’ve said it before “car servicing is better than cure”, however today we thought we look at your car’s health – that is its reliability, roadworthiness, drivability, comfort as well as value – from a different angle – the human (health) one.

The anatomy of a heart stroke

Our arteries are muscular-walled tubes that transport our blood (rich in oxygen) from the heart to all parts of the body, and if healthy, the blood flows easily and the walls are smooth. So if they get clogged up, as a result of substances like cholesterol and fat building up plaque (or in other words we are not looking after our body), the blood flow is reduced and we don’t need to second guess what serious consequences this can cause (hint: heart attack, stroke …)

Now you understand your car’s health as well!

"Prevention better than cure." -Desiderius Erasmus

A non-maintained oil filter will do just that … let the dirt, grime and dust particles contaminate the oil, thus clogging up the oil veins, reducing the flow of oil throughout the engine and eventually starving it from oil and preventing it from running (smoothly) altogether … as you can see on the picture even the oil filter itself will collapse under the weight of the impurities!

Car servicing is better than cure

If you want to avoid lengthy stays of your car in the mechanic workshop, hefty repair bills or a complete breakdown, you can’t keep feeding it rubbish and ignoring its bone and heart health.

Six wise words from us:

Car servicing is better than cure!

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