How to change the time on your car

It’s that time of the year again … when we all scratch our heads and wonder if the clocks go back or forward!

Today’s MechanicLondon video is not only here to tell you that tomorrow morning (Sunday, 30th OCTOBER 2016 at 2am) the clocks go BACK 1 hour, but the chief mechanic is also talking you through how to change the time on your car.

Changing time on car dashboard

Or, if you don’t have a Peugeot or Citroen with the similar sort of set up, today’s “How to video” is a reminder to adjust the time on your car as well.

A by the way a clever way to remember the hour-change rule is: “Spring forward, Fall back” :)

Happy clock setting and if you get stuck, get in touch!

Oh, and do enjoy the extra hour in bed, folks :)

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Fellow mechanics, how do you keep your skills and knowledge sharp?

In today’s modern and fast paced day and age, ongoing training and development is probably imperative for most professions, however with so many car makes and models around and car technology constantly evolving it seems that car mechanics in particular are required to continuously update and refresh both their skills and knowledge.

Especially as a small business, training and development budgets are often tight, so we always think harder when it comes to keeping pace and our skills and knowledge in the mechanic game!

Here are our top tips to keep those skills sharp and the knowledge up to date: - training and development


If you’ve read our post on car fault self-diagnosis, then you know that we take information published on the internet with a pinch of salt, however as long as the original author is a trusted source and if you are experienced in the field you are researching, the likes of Google, YouTube and Twitter are definitely on the list of our top training resources.

Training courses

Even training courses are delivered online these days, and surely there are plenty of reputable and trustworthy providers, however when it comes to classroom style lessons, we actually prefer to ‘go’ to school! Nothing like a bunch of like minded people in a room with an experienced and knowledgeable human being passing on their wisdom.


And because we love real human beings and action so much, the likelihood that you will find us at a good old car and mechanic exhibition is definitely above average, though we do tend to go for the local ones. Here’s a taster of the last Classic Car Show in Alexandra Palace. Fantastic place to learn about latest technology and industry developments, pick up tons of print material and of course network face to face!


These always seem to catch our attention at airports. During the usual working week routine it always seems harder to actually sit down and have a read, but when on holiday car magazines always go well down a treat. Loaded with photos, illustrations, case studies and stories about particular faults, latest news about the market place and even looks into other garages, magazines make for easy one-stop knowledge fillers. What’s not to love!

TV programmes

Learning the ins and outs of car mechanics doesn’t get any easier, fun and more detailed and interesting than this. “Wheeler Dealers” Edd China and Mike Brewer are real characters, but most of all true experts and clearly passionate about their quest to restore the most iconic cars in the world. And look what we have in stock for you here: The Mechanic London meets the Wheeler Dealers! Yes really! Another one on our list of top ‘mechanic trainers’ is of course “Chasing Classic Cars” presenter Wayne Carini.

Peers, suppliers and customers

If like us, you run your own business, your daily dealings will go far beyond the customer and include many different suppliers, businesses and other mechanic specialists and fellow grease monkeys, creating constant opportunities for knowledge exchange and learning from each other. Have you also ever considered that there may be a positive learning effect if things don’t run that smoothly? Or, as Bill Gates once put it “Our most unhappiest customers are our greatest source of learning.”

Trial and error

If you’ve been following our YouTube adventures, then you know already that we love to have a good go at things – and always have one of our own mostly classic cars around to play. In our good old quoting fashion we found another wise and inspirational quote to sum up the value of the trial and error approach. Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.” -Vernon Law … and the harder the test, the greater the learning :)


Enough from us, we’d love to hear from you!

What other tips and tricks are there to keep on top of things in the ever evolving car mechanic industry?

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