When it comes to classic cars and bargains…

… they have to be grabbed!

Even if there’s already another classic car restoration project in the making at the same time!

So yes, it’s “Ooops we did it again” here at the mechaniclondon workshop!

This lovely Volvo Amazon 1966 popped up on our computer screen and was looking for a new home, so we thought we’d be nice and bring it to our workshop to give it some TLC :)

Amazon Volvo - mechaniclondon.co.uk

At the end of the day this will help us putting K-Y-T (pronounced Katy) back together – our gorgeous Volvo P1800, which currently consists of

  • 1 beautifully painted body shell +
  • 1 to be revamped engine +
  • 100’s! of tediously and diligently researched car parts and accessories.

It’s option 7 on our list of mechanic training options: “Always have a car – or two – around to play and learn by trial and error.”

There you go, we practice as we preach!

For a more detailed introduction by the chief mechanic, visit our Youtube channel

It’s a Happy Monday for us and we hope this made some of you smile as well :)

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