Facebook here we come!

We have been playing with the likes of Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and our blog for a few years now, so many of you might say that it’s about time that we enter Facebook land as well!

After all “A small business without a Facebook page is like a mechanic without a workshop.” :)

Facebook banner

Well, today’s the day!

We are excited to be joining the Facebookers out there and as with all our other social media channels will keep you up to date and entertained with our adventures in our mechanic workshop and as a small business.

Expect lots of advise and tips for your cars (modern day or classic), mixed with humour and fun, and overall a variety of topics. As always all posts are handpicked and homemade (as opposed to machine picked or generated)

We would be delighted to have you join us! Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/mechaniclondon/

As always for more information or to book your car for some TLC, an MOT or a repair, visit our main website at www.brent-autos.co.uk and contact us today!