Video diary of our Volvo P1800 restoration

It’s still 2014, the year of our 25th anniversary, so at Brent Autos we thought a present of a very special kind would be appropriate.

Well, we settled for nothing less than the restoration of a Volvo P1800, the famous classic as featured in the 1960-s TV Series ‘The Saint’ where Roger Moore plays Simon Templar, the British fictional character known as the Saint.

Volvo intro -© Mechaniclondon | Michael Diggins

We’ve often scratched our heads at what we’ve taken on as it’s nearly 50 years old and hasn’t been driven for the good of the last 25 years. However, the joy of researching for the history, for parts, and of restoring little by little cannot be beaten. Ultimately, it’s that picture of the end product – the rebirth of an absolutely iconic and ueber-cool classic sports car and that drive across some scenic country roads and some high up mountains that keeps us going.

If you would like to follow us on our journey to the destination, please do check out our video diary of the restoration project on our You Tube channel!

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