Taking the stress out of non-fault accidents

Having any car accident can be a shock and distressing experience. Especially if it wasn’t your fault it’s even more so annoying that you now have to organise recovery, sort out any insurance matters and paperwork, and last but not least find a trustworthy garage to get your car repaired – while you have to get by without it!

accident repairs

Calling your insurance company

It seems a common misconception that when you have an accident the first point of call should be your insurer. Whilst your insurance company may be able to help with the recovery and repair at one of their trusted repair centres, that service centre may not be local and you may have to go to great length – as in commute – to get your car back. Most of all, your insurer will treat the incident as a claim and hence will want to get into your pockets – either by getting you to pay your excess or sometimes even by raising your premium! Yes, even if the accident wasn’t your fault!

Calling a non-claims accident management company

As an alternative to calling the insurance, many drivers are aware of no-claims accident management companies. These really can take the stress out of the non-fault accident experience as they will deal with any insurance matters on your behalf (NB we would still advise you to inform your own insurance company), organise recovery and supply a like-for-like car replacement while yours gets repaired, typically in one of their affiliated repair centres.

As the no-claims company can recover all costs from the other vehicle drivers’ insurance company, the whole service doesn’t cost you anything, however most of all, the incident won’t be treated as a claim and as such you won’t have to pay any excess and your no-claims bonus and premium rate will be protected!

When it comes to fixing your car, whilst also paid for by the third party insurance, you may still experience some hassle as you won’t be able to choose the repair centre or its location, and most of all you won’t have any direct contact with your mechanic or bodyshop.

Calling Brent Autos

If in addition to leaving the paperwork and insurance matters up to someone else, staying mobile whilst your car is in repair and protecting your no-claims bonus you also want to be in direct contact with your mechanic, get your car back as quickly as possible and overall want your repair in the very best mechanic hands, call Brent Autos!

At Brent Autos we provide a comprehensive start to finish car accident management service and have been helping numerous clients. For more information on our car accident management and garage services, please contact us today or visit our main website at www.brent-autos.co.uk.