Car diagnostics can only do so much

Time and time again we get customers, who not only seem to think that a car diagnostic check is what is needed to identify their car problem, all too often they also seem to expect that a car diagnostic procedure gives the cure, includes the necessary repair (yes really!) and overall that there’s nothing more to car diagnostics than plugging in a piece of software – and hence car diagnostics testing should really be for free. - Car diagnostics

To put this common misperception straight and to avoid disappointment we’ve put together a short guide to car diagnostics.

  • Diagnostics software can only show fault codes, and sometimes certain parameters linked to that fault, however generally speaking each diagnostic report is nothing more than a guide
  • To interpret the data and to pinpoint the actual root cause of the fault, additional troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures such as visual checks and physical examinations will be required
  • This is where your mechanic engineer/technician – his time, skills, up to date knowledge and years of experience come in, as well as the state of his equipment and software – and this is what you are paying for
  • Though most common faults can be resolved through a typical diagnostic procedure, there are cases where further work and repairs will be required. These would have to be priced separately and only carried out upon your authorisation.

At Brent Autos we constantly invest in the latest car diagnostic equipment, training and development and we have a track record of locating problems and getting your car back on the road in a speedy and efficient manner.

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