Welcome to 2014 and a year of celebration

2014 is here and at Brent Autos we wanted to greet the new year by quite literally making space for what’s to come.

We’ve spent some time de-cluttering and re-organising the workshop, as well as our inboxes and paperwork, and we also invested in a few bits of new equipment here and there. All in all, we feel set up and ready for another year of servicing cars and cracking mechanic challenges.

Most of all, we are already getting excited about our upcoming 25th anniversary! Yes, Brent Autos has been in business 25 years, and especially with the technology developments as they happened over the last two decades we shall have a few stories to share about fixing Ford Cortinas, Austin Allegros and Datsun Sunnys in the coming months!


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Whatever 2014 has in store for you we wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead!

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